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why every child should take gymnastics

What is gymnastics?

The word "gymnastics" often brings to mind the likes of Simone Biles, Shannon Miller, Gabby Douglas, Nastia Liukin. Yes, this is Gymnastics in its most advanced form – dynamic, beautiful and thrilling. Those amazing athletes started their careers somewhere and most of them in a regular gym preschool class.

Not every child wants to be a famous gymnast and not every child has the ability, but kids’ gymnastics classes are perfect for little ones who have a lot of energy and love to play and have fun…isn’t that every kid?!

Fitness ABC’S

Gymnastics is a great activity to foster growth in fitness. ABC’S stands for – Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed

Gymnastics as an Activity

Gymnastics is also much more than elite competition. It is also an ACTIVITY and serves as the basis for athletic development. In gymnastics a beginner attempts only beginner skills, which differ significantly from the skills performed by advanced gymnasts. In other popular sports like basketball, baseball, football, etc., a beginner performs roughly the same skills as a professional (e.g., shooting, dribbling & passing).

Benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a sport that kids can begin at a very young age and continue doing through their teen and college years and beyond. While some use their talents and skills to become competitive gymnasts, others participate in the sport because they enjoy learning new skills and develop their level of fitness. With the rate of childhood obesity on the rise and more kids interested in video games and social media interaction then outdoor play, gymnastics classes offer several physical and social benefits.

  • Physical Benefits

    Gymnastics classes can provide your child with a number of physical benefits, regardless of the child’s age or ability. Gymnastics will increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. They will learn balance on the balance beam, as well as power when they vault. The bars and rings will encourage them to lift, swing and move their bodies in new ways. USA Gymnastics points out that gymnastics classes can help train children for any other sport they choose to pursue, as they get older. The athletic foundation is put in place via gymnastics classes.
  • Social Benefits

    Your children will learn valuable social skills at their gymnastics classes. They will have to listen, follow direction, take turns and be respectful to each other. Children of all ages will also learn to motivate one another and compete with each other in a team atmosphere. Kids in gymnastics classes learn to perform in front of others without anxiety and build trusting, respectful relationships with their coaches and teammates.
  • Cognitive Benefits

    Your child will need to visualize the skill he/she is learning before they perform it. Gymnastics provides a great way for children to use their brains and their bodies. USA Gymnastics reports there is strong correlation between physical fit children and academic achievement. Nerve cells multiply, promoting healthy brain function and strengthening brain connections. The cognitive requirements of gymnastics will carry over into the classroom. The coordination necessary for gymnastics will also have an impact on cognitive abilities. Your child might be able to focus better in school when gymnastics is part of their life.
  • Character Benefits

    Gymnastics lessons promote discipline, determination, courage, and self-confidence, and kids will benefit from learning from their mistakes. Children persevere, even when they fall or need help to complete a skill. Self-esteem builds a gymnast’s character, and those who attend classes with others will understand fairness and trust. Setting goals will become natural and children will learn to dream big outside of the gym, as well. Children who are physically active or involved in sports are less likely to make bad choices when it comes to behaviors involving alcohol, drugs, and smoking.