2015 WV USA Gymnastics State Meet SChedule

March 21, 2015

Session 1 Level 4-5 8:00 AM open stretch
Session 2 Level 6 12:30 PM open stretch
Session 3 Level 7-10 & Xcel Platinum 5:00 PM open stretch

March 22, 2015

Session 4 Level 2 8:30 AM open stretch
Session 5 Level 3 ( ages 7, 8 and 9 ) 12:00 PM open stretch
Session 6 Level 3 ( ages 6, 10 and 11+ ) Xcel Bronze, Silver and Gold 3:30 PM open stretch

  • Please arrive to your session 30 to 40 minutes early to get through check in.
  • Several of the sessions are close to capacity and must start and finish on time.
  • Make sure and double check your ages in regards to the split level 3 sessions on Sunday. It is imperative that the athletes compete in the correct session to receive placements and awards.
  • I will be sending rosters out for verification. Team awards for level 3 will be at the conclusion of session 6. Age determination is the athletes age as of March 22nd 2015.

Click here for the most current breakdown of the level 3’s in session 6 on Sunday.

We will be moving the level 3 vault mats from behind the table to in front of the table for session 6 to accommodate the Xcel silver athletes who will be vaulting from the table to the mat. There will still be more than the minimum required runway distance for the level 3 competitors.

Click here to view the Schedule PDF.